Monday, May 22, 2006

Rilo Kiley remix by Killyou Meyou of Brother Reade

Rilo Kileyou Meyou?
Um...Plainly explained I remixed the Rilo Kiley song "A Man/Me/Then Jim" from their last record More Adventurous. Then the video was put together out of discarded memorex, counterfit costumes, and twice used notebooks.

Click the above blue seamonster to watch his love sick cousin and BFF fascist peanut elope with walrus dinosaurs and escape nuclear fallout. It does load kinda slow so draw a picture and drink some cough syrup before viewing.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rap Tape (Mp3)

Lead the Field Southern Rap Mixtape
Mixed by Killyou Meyou of Brother Reade

To download:

Windows: iTunes 1-click subscribe

Or click the tape to download the source Mp3


Heres the Cover
and Tracklisting

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Lead the Field (Cover)

Don't sleep on the cover...Make sure you print it out and hang it on the wall next to your Swizz Beatz Lamborghini poster

Introducing Earl Nightingale (Tracklisting)

1. Introducing Earl Nightingale & (Killyou Meyou)

2. Cadillac on 22’s
-David Banner

3. Cadillac on 22’s (chopped & screwed)
-David Banner

4. Some Cut (chopped & screwed)-
-Trillville feat. Cutty

5. Gotta Stay Fly
-Three Six Mafia feat. Young Buck

6. Thats My Hood
-Gucci Mane

7. Stakin’ Paper
-Jody Breeze

8. Lil’ Daddy
-Young City

9. Still Tippin’
-Mike Jones

10. I’m a Thug
-Trick Daddy

11. Earl Nightingale XVI (a dream come true)

12. One Day

13. Me & My Brother
-Ying Yang Twins

14. I’m So High
-Three Six Mafia

15. Trap House
-Gucci Mane

16. Get Ya Mind Right
-Young Jeezy

17. Trap Or Die
-Young Jeezy

18. P.A.N.
-Ray Cash feat. Bun B.

19. Neva Eva
-Trillville Lil‘ Scrappy

20. Get Some Crunk In Your System
-Trillville feat. Pastor Troy

21. Aint No Love In The Heart Of The City
-Al Brown

22. Earl Nightingale VII (Its a fact)

23. Rubber Band Man

24. My Hood
- Young Jeezy

25. Nolia Clap

26. Go D.J
-Lil’ Wayne

27. Sittin’ Sidewayz
-Paul Wall feat. Big Pokey

28. Motivation

29. A few bars from Jimmy Jael of Brother Reade

30. Make Em’ Say Uhh
-Master P

31. Talking That Talk

32. My Neck of the Woods
-Baby and Lil‘ Wayne

33. Like A Boss
-Slimm Thug

34. Conversation
-Mannie Fresh

35. Are We Cuttin’
-Pastor Troy

36. Hi-Lo
-Jt Money

37. Lean Low

38. Cadillac Pimpin’

39. Play
-David Banner

40. Earl Nightingale & Ralph Waldo Emerson feat. music by The Who

41. Just Like Candy
-Eightball and MJG